Press coverage

""We see gold as a gateway to crypto. Many people don't trust crypto, they don't understand it, but they understand the 3000+ years of value that gold has held. We are currently building an easy-to-use euro/gold wallet so people can easily buy and save in gold. But here is the kicker. They will see a little button, spend your gold as SEPA, SWIFT, debit card or bitcoin. So, many people will want to see what that is,""
September 22, 2017
"“We are excited about Vaultoro’s innovative real-time trading platform, that allows people from all over the world to trade and invest instantly into physical allocated gold, currently via their bitcoin savings and with other currencies like Euro in the near future.”"
September 08, 2017
"“The investment from FinLab AG into Vaultoro will enable us to scale fast. Our mission is to enable as many people as possible to secure their savings in assets away from the banking system before another major currency crisis.”"
October 11, 2017
"“The physical allocated gold markets are all about security, a hedge against inflation and banking crisis. Bitcoin is being used for similar reasons but it is also being used by speculators for the moon shot effect (huge price rise). Gold is understood globally by almost every culture as a secure store of value. It has been used as that for over 3000 years. Bitcoin, while it is being used in a similar way is very young so our users like to jump in between bitcoin and allocated gold”."
February 03, 2017